Family Time

Grandfather: AhadiEdit

"He had a long black mane and bright green eyes."     

He Might look like

—A physical description of Ahadi

Even for an adult lion, Ahadi is considerably large. His body, both sturdy and strong, sports broad shoulders, rounded muscles, and an expansive chest which extends outward with the added length of his mane.

As far as coloring goes, Ahadi is noticeably darker than his fellow pride members. His main pelt, though lighter in undertones, is distinctly dark, being a dirty gold, almost brown, as opposed to the paler hues of his pride mates. His mane, however, is lush and red, expanding down his chest and nearly reaching his middle underbelly. While his chest, muzzle, and paws are all sandy in color, his eyeshades are darker than his main pelt and his eyes are brownish-red.

Interestingly, Ahadi is almost a perfect mixture of his two sons, Mufasa and Taka. Sharing both his build and his lighter hues with Ahadi, the elder inherited his father's golden fur, as well as his uncolored paws and reddish-brown eyes. Taka, on the other hand, shares his father's dark eyeshades, as well as the darker undertones of his pelt. Both sons mirror their father in facial structure, though this comes through more noticeably in Mufasa.

It should be noted that the text of A Tale of Two Brothers conflicts with the appearance described above, as the author depicts Ahadi as having a black mane and green eyes, as opposed to a red mane and reddish-brown eyes.

Ahadi is at the top of the Simba family with Uru as Ahadi's Mate

Grandmother: UruEdit

Uru is an unknown lioness,

She is mainly absent from the story A Tale Of Two Brothers due to her searching for a source of food and water during the drought. She finds a lake at the western edge of the Pride Rock and saves the animals from dying of thirst. and she is seen in A tale Of Two Brothers,

Uru is at the top of the Simba family tree with Ahadi as Uru's Mate.  

This is a photo of Uru with her sons


Uru And Scar

Father: MufasaEdit

Mufasa and his mate, Sarabi, are Simba's parents. As ready to play as he is to instruct, Mufasa guides young Simba with a voice as golden as his magnificent mane. Strong, brave and wise, Mufasa is a true leader whose courage comes from a great, calm certainty about who he is and how he fits into the great Circle of Life. 

That said Mufasa has something of a temper, but it is mostly a blue flame - only flaring up with fed enough to do so.